The selfish , dreamy , snobbish & materialistic minute

As an Emirat's heiress , I made some irresponsible fictive shopping on the web . And I immediately realised how hard to please I was . In real life , I don't buy lot of clothes : I'm not fond of cheap inspiration , even i'm inspired by punk and grunge influence , which in a way have a kind of chic nowadays . As you can see , I didn't select the basic fashionista brands ( like Chanel , Zara or Isabel Marant ) . I like nordic vibes , ethnic touch and fluo kids wardrobe pieces . I chose lots of London Fashion Week designers , who have always eclectic and funky outfits . I'm also fond of asiatic geometric obsession and French graphic accessories . As I'm not enough self confident ( and wealthy ! ) to wear all these clothes , I just imagine another character I could be , I reinvent myself in infinity . I like unexpected style , then you won't be able to find a pair of jeans , black leggings in this selection . Clothes are the reflection of a personnality . People who know me will notice the gap between this and the reality ... I'm still waiting for a "revival" .

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